Make It Rain

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Raining down threes was the inspiration for ANTA KT2 “Make it Rain.” This limited edition KT2 celebrates Klay Thompson's historic night on December 6th – 90 seconds, 11 dribbles and 60 points. December 6th.

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SIZE!-- split --!In basketball’s perfect storm, lightning strikes and thunder shakes the floor, while Klay Thompson provides the smooth, steady rain; life-giving, yet destructive.!-- split --!

Raining down threes was the inspiration for ANTA’s KT2 “Make it Rain.” The shoe is characterized by its cyan-to-navy blue color fade, highlighted by lightning splintering across the shoe from heel to toe. Rain falls along the outsole through a unique splatter design.

The shoe carries the KT2 line’s signature features, including its dramatic “hawk” heel design and wingtip motif. The physical framework of the shoe is consistent with KT2’s purpose-driven performance features, including a high-traction outsole and lateral flare for maximum stability, solid mid-foot support system, and an injection heel.