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KT2 “Pure” celebrates the pure grace and beauty of efficiency.

Efficiency doesn’t always grab the headlines. It doesn’t shout and pound its chest or get up in your face. Much like Klay Thompson, quiet and unassuming, it goes about its business until the next thing you know, you’re down 20 and the fans are heading home early.

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SIZE!-- split --!Each night on the road, Klay Thompson enters hostile territory. In your opponent’s house, a stealth approach is preferred.!-- split --!

The KT2 “Blackhawk" features a black base color, highlighted by the team’s signature blue and yellow – blue along the sole and heel with a bold yellow dominating the shoe’s logo. Once again, the heel design, reminiscent of a hawk, makes a bold visual statement, with a midsole that’s camouflaged with a unique splatter effect.

The mid-foot provides maximum support with an injection heel that securely locks you into the shoe. For ballers that thrive behind enemy lines, the KT2 Blackhawk is the choice.